xDiversity Association

xDiversity Association xDiversity Association

Crossing Diversity of Technologies and Crossing Diversity of Issues.
Transforming what we cannot do
into what we can do

For example, consider someone who cannot hear
but wants to play a musical instrument.
Or consider someone who wants to be told directions
by sound instead of seeing them with his or her eyes,
or someone who wants to go anywhere in a wheelchair.
Trying to solve a problem by yourself involves a lot of work.

In addition to breaking down the barriers of "I can't" with technology, we believe that a future where we can truly coexist with each other in our differences lies beyond the expansion of each individual's diverse personality.

xDiversity is an organization dedicated to flexible research, development, and social implementation of technology that goes beyond conventional academic research, product development, and industry-academia collaboration, with the aim of creating a system for solving problems that is friendly to all people. We are working to provide a sustainable place and community to connect diverse research to diverse issues.